Why chosen cats as pets?

Monday, November 24, 2014

I planed to share some pet blog couple months ago, but I have no idea how to start blogging about pets. Keep on thinking and thinking. Finally, I got some idea.

Okay, back to the title, why I have chosen cats as pets. My very 1st cat named Creamy, she rescued by my mom and sister. They found this little cat just stand beside the road and they worried she will hit by cars. So they didn't think that much just bring her back to our home. 
Here, how she looks like. White fur with blue eyes. But the sadness was she was MIA. Missing since 20 Aug, 2013. 
Creamy 1st day at our home.
She is adorable, isn't she?

2 months later, one night, we went out for dinner. While we are walking back to home, we heard a kitten meowing, then my sister found that a kitten stand beside the shop and meow out loud. He looks like looking for his mom. And sis decided to bring him home. Cause that day was after a long rain and we guessing his mom won't come back anymore.
This is he. A leng zai cat. Fluffy is same as creamy, MIA. We not manage to find both of them. 
Flurry - 1 years old.

Continue, the 3rd cat appears at my house are Mochi. Actually, he belongs to my neighbor, but no matter how we sent him back to neighbor house, he still come back to our house. And our kind neighbor let him follow us, so we have kept him in our house. He is a EPIC cat ever. I felt he was that EPIC since kitten time. I will post his profolio soon. 

So in half year i got 2 male cats and 1 female cat in my house, age of 3 of them are quite near, only different a month. And we have missed the timing for ligation. So creamy get pregnant. This is how we have Mochi Zai, Da Hua & Xiao Hua.
But poor Mochi Zai hit by car on last year, when mom reached home, it's too late. We can't save him. RIP, Mochi Zai. We will always miss you.
Mochi Zai
Da Hua
Xiao Hua

Last introduce is Xiao Bai. On last year's winter solstice, Zerm rescued him. Poor kid, he chases by a bunch of Indian kids and throw by them. Zerm saw it, he rescued him immediately. Here he is, adorable one I mean currently.
Left: The day we rescued him.
Right: 7 Months old.

So I have 4 cats in my house now. I will continue with their profolio, our daily activity soon. Stay tune!

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