Nam Heong Kopitiam, 南香美食餐廳

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I told Zerm that I want dim sum as breakfast on the next day, but both of us unable to make it, cause we overslept. So after checking out from Symphony Suite, we just drive to town and find out what to eat.

On the way heading to town, we spotted this. Nam Heong Kopitiam. So I told Zerm that let's give a try.

Here we are. It is a shine and bright building, it just looks like a diamond square.

We have no idea what they sell, we thought it same as the old coffee shop Nam Heong. I get shock when we reached. It's unexpected high tech. Their concept are gathers all the famous food in Ipoh town. Sound familiar concept, right? Yes, KL LOT 10 was having the same concept at their food court. But I think this one is more successful, cause it's more systematic and you can sit there relax and wait your foods served, instead of collected by your own.
They also have designed an app called MeCanOrder, you can place your order in advance and save your time to wait. Cool, isn't it?

The waiter will give you a number, if it's full house status. Our number is 2018. Next are us, yippee ^^.

While we are waiting for the table, I just walk around to get some nice photos.

No worries for older, they do have escalator for up and elevator for down.

For dine in area is at 1st floor, ground floor is food kiosk. Like below photo.

Pak Gong Chicken Rice. The window reflected, so can't see clearly.

After waiting for 15 mins, the table is ready. 
While I'm taking photos, Zerm go up 1st. He called me to come up after he sat down.


Nice decoration with air-cond, so patrons can enjoy the nice food with comfortable environment.

They are using iPad for ordering. High tech, right?

The menu on the iPad. Pak Gong chicken rice is MYR6 for 1 person portion. The average selling price is about MYR6-8 for 1 person, of course depending what you order.

After placing our order, the waiter pass us a check list, after confirmed the order is correct, you have to pay immediately. What's next? Wait for your foods, of course. 

Our Order List
1 x Siew Mai
1 x Fish Ball
1 x Har Gao (Steam prawn puff)
2 x Egg Tarts
1 x Milk Tea
1 x White coffee

Silky smooth milk tea, Milky enough. Yum~ Yum~ 
Zerm have White Coffee, he said he prefers old shop one. 

Flaky and thin puff skin, inner with eggy and custard.

If you are in Ipoh, Fishball is MUST have food. Don't why their fishball can be hyper bouncy.

Har Gao, Thin crystal clear skin wrapped fresh and juicy prawns.
I preferred this type of har gao, but Zerm said the skin was too thin. 

Siew Mai wasn't not my favorite, but it's a must have dim sum for zerm. I tasted 1 pcs
Both of us think the Siew Mai was normal only.

For this round we focus on dim sum, because I craving for it. Next time will do compare chicken rice, if we have a chance to travel to Ipoh again. 

Nam Heong Kopitiam, 南香美食餐廳
Block B, 2-15, Ipoh SoHo,
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel : 05-241 0923 / 05-241 1319

Business Hours: 07:30AM - 12:00AM

Service : 
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : MYR21.75 (Included 5% servicee tax)
* Non Halal

Map click here.

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