Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Continue the story from Interstellar movie's log, after we checked the collection counter was not open yet, we head to food hunt 1st.

We walked to 2nd floor and saw food paradise by Iseten. In front of the entrance area are full of signboard of the restaurant. Alright, just walk in to check out what are they selling. 
There are 7 restaurants in Food Paradise (If not mistaken). All are Japanese or Korean food. We walked thru all and final decisions are Menya Musashi. Why we have chosen it? Because among the 7 restaurants, it's the most good business one. (◡‿◡✿) 

Menya Musashi named after the legendary samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, who was famed for his distinctive "double sword style". No wonder their waiter/waitress all look like a samurai. They welcome us with a strong and loud voice. 

The waiter pass us the menu. Actually, we're not really sure how to order. ̃๏̯̃๏
Both of us just tell the waiter that we want set, then we pick the rice and ramen we want, then come out the set call Aka Teriyaki, which is not on the set menu. (˚▽˚)
A set is served with a bowl of rice, a bowl of ramen, 3 pcs of Gyoza, a bowl of salad and a cup of green tea.

Our Order List
1 Set Aka Teriyaki Set

After ordered, while we are waiting our food be served, as usual i will take photo of every corner of the shop. 

At the same time, we heard the loud sound "shock shock", then other chefs will reply (but I'm not sure what they talking about cause they speak Japanese). I pay attention to find out where the samurai sound come from. 
Oh there~ It's come from the kitchen. The ramen chefs will swing the ramen after cooked and he will shout "shock shock" at the same time. Look like swing out all the water. (But i do not have photo for this, cause The chefs look like fierce, I'm not dare to snap their photo.

Here our food served. Food porn starts now.

Teriyaki pork rice, I thought it taste sweet, cause the name of teriyaki. But surprisingly it's not, it tastes like Taiwan style braised pork, saltly type, the taste are pretty good.

Aka Ramen, Thumbs up for this. 2 pcs of braised pork and bouncy ramen served in rich and bold pork bone soup. Slurp Slurp. 
It's nicer than Ippudo. The champion spicy ramen I ever had.

Gyoza wrapped with minced pork and vege. They served with a plate of shoyu instead of vinegar. Zerm thought that was vinegar and dip alot on it. After put into mouth he told me wah their gyoza very salty. I answered him of course, you let it swim in shoyu pool.

Last, salad are served with japanese sesame sauce. and i felt they are very nice, they served me a warm water with F.O.C. Not every restaurant will provide this service.

Menya Musashi
Level 2, Eat Paradise Isetan,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Operation Hours : 11:00AM - 10:00PM
Monday - Sunday

Service : ❤ ❤ ❤ ½
Revisit : Yes
Damaged report : MYR37.10 (10% Service Tax + 6% Gov. Tax is included)
* Non Halal

The above is sheerly a personal comment, only for reference.

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