Aloha Night, Hawaiian Theme

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Aloha peeps, I'm just back from Hawaii.  Hahahaha, I'm just kidding, actually I attended company annual dinner a week ago.

One month ago, annual dinner organizer have sent out the invitation and inform about the annual dinner information. Venue of course at Ipoh. The theme is Aloha Night, Hawaiian Theme. Who doesn't like theme party? I'm enjoyed every single theme party and I will try my best to meet the theme with lowest cost.

Back to this year annual dinner theme, my mind are come out with this. But in reality, I do not have that body shape to wear it. 

This question have trouble me for few weeks. What trouble me?

  1. Should I wear dress or pants? Pants sound like more closer to the theme, but it doesn't look good for corporation event. 
  2. Should I wear slippers, sandals, wedges or heels? Slippers or sandals doesn't look good, cause I'm shorty and again corporate event, so i give up on this option. Heels doesn't match that theme. Wedges sound like the most suitable me, but I didn't have one.
  3. Hairstyle? Should I wear Wreath or Hat? Or make a braid? There are a bunch of people wearing wearing on that night, cause organizer team have informed that whoever need a wreath can order from them. So I Google quite sometime, end decision are make a braid.
I bought a jumpsuit from Forever 21 and some flower accessories from a small stall at Mid Valley Mall. Shoes and bag borrow from sister.
Due to time limitation, I didn't went to Salon for hair-do, I do it myself. Make Up by myself as well. 

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