The Cats on My Cover Photo

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kon'nichiwa! Reader. If you notice some changes on blog, then you are right. I have changed my cover photo. The cat on my cover photo are my beloved pets. Let me introduce them to you all.

His is 3 years old. He is an unsolicited cat. No matter how many time we send him back to neighbour's house, he still come back to our house. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
So I applied license from my mom to continue pet him. He is the brave one, if stray cat entered my house, he will fight with them and protect the family members.

Creamy's daughter. 1 years old and 10 months. She is a tough girl among the siblings. She always will take good care by her own. But she is the softest one among them, so always get bully from others. Especially when she call you, her voice will melt your heart. Her Favorite Day are Saturday & Sunday.

Creamy's youngest daughter. Same age with DaHua. But she is the weakness one. When she was 2-3 months old, she don't eat and almost meet Grim Reaper, I worked so hard to keep her alive. I pray to God that I will not eat meat for two weeks, please save her. In the end, she survived. Thanks God.

This poor kids are 11 months old. He has been bullied by a bunch of Indian kids when we found him. He got a tough survive spirit. He is the cutest cat among them. I never see a cat need toy to sleep together. And he even know use newspapers cover himself. Just like human (๑・v・๑)

here are their basic profile.I will continue to write more about them. Stay Tuned.

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