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Monday, October 06, 2014

Good news for all movie lover. Recently TGV have launched a membership card for benefits movie lover.

Sign up are MYR28 per annual. If you spend MYR200 per annum, the renewal fees are FREE.
hmmm.... Is about 16 movie tickets per year? 8 movies per year ?

I signed up at TGV Setiawalk. Got a free Notebook.
No more bullshit, let's see what benefits they giving.

1. Get 2 free movie tickets and 1 regular popcorn set after you signed up.

2. Birthday Treat : Free 2 movie tickets and 1 regular popcorn set on your birthday month.

3. Movie Money : earn 10% on your purchase from TGV Cinema, online purchase are included.
Example : Spend MYR100, you will get MYR10 in the card. You can accumulate it and redeem for movie tickets.

4. Special Screening. Who doesn't like to be a VIP? Get a chances to be invited to movie premiere and sprung screening. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

5. Advance Ticket Sales.
I will find out how advance it could be. Stay tuned for it. (*^o^*)

Seem like advance ticket are not start yet. (〒︿〒)

6. E Newsletter. Be the 1st to know Latest buzz and movie.
I think Google care more latest. ( ^ω^)

For me I would say the membership are free, cause they have free you 2 movie tickets. And benefit 3 are the useful one, especially after Ron95 increased 20cents.
Without this card you spend 100 bucks you get nothing. With this card you spend 100 bucks you still get back 10 bucks, why not?

What are you waiting for ? Click here for sign up. Or walk in to nearest TGV Cinema. Cinema location click here.

Roadshow they having now.

This advertisement are cute. i like it very muchiessss...

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