Shu Uemura TSUYA Skin Lotion & Silk Supreme Crystallizer

Monday, October 13, 2014

are I have Tried on Shu Uemura new product skin care. It's TSUYA Skin Lotion, actually it's skin refiner.
Thanks to Freebiesland, I got the sample. Usually I will visit to Freebiesland to look for freebies or promotion. (*˘︶˘*)

TSUYA Skin now launches cosmetic water for ideal youthful skin. It can instantly moisture feels to reach every corner and improve your skin that more smooth, refined. It also will minimized pores, dullness looks reduced, yellowness look significantly improved to reveal Crystal-transparency from deep within.

There are 3 type of skin lotion, for different type of Skin.

  • I - Fresh Watery Type (For oily skin / combination skin)
  • II - Watery Type (For normal / dry skin)
  • III - Rich Jelly Type (For dry / very dry skin)

 The best result you have to use with their's Silk Supreme Crystallizer. It's a facial cotton with silk. They are Excellent Combination. ( ^ω^)

The sampling.
4 Pack of TSUYA Skin Lotion - Type 
2pcs of Silk Supreme
The Silk Side
The Cotton Side
Step by Step Guide 
Step 1 : Pour the lotion on Silk Supreme Crystallizer, the cotton side.

Step 2 : Use the silk side to apply & polish 

Step 3 : Pat till skin feel cold

Step 4 : Temperature check

Step 5 : Pat again.

Done. you can continue with your daily skin care like emulsion, night cream and etc.

The Beautician told me that only use at night time, morning time you can use your daily skin care.

After used. I felt my dead skin are removed and the skin are more refined.

It looks like dirty then usual.

Free Sample, click here.
* While Stock Last.

TSUYA Skin Lotion, 150ml - MYR160
Silk Supreme Crystallizer, 40pcs - MYR45

Now Shu Uemura having promotion, Free 1 box Silk Supreme Crystallizer with every purchase of TSUYA Skin Lotion.
* While Stock Last.

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