Oh My Laptop..

Friday, October 03, 2014

Two weeks ago, my BFF text me asked me whether want to go mid valley walk around. I have "MuGu" about 15mins, then I replied yes. (MuGu = Hesitant)

He said he want to survey MacBook, so when we reached, 1st stop we went Machine. I just look around the MacBook. It's so awesome! Light weight. It's what I want. Maybe I can put it in next year budget list. But after calculate seem like cannot. So I just give up on it.

After dinner time, I on my lappy starting to surf net and continue my bloging.
Slowly my lappy are slow response and lag.

And then Taaaa~ Daaaa~ it show blue screen. ⊙﹏⊙
And it restart itself, then I log in again, used 5 mins it blue screen again. (>﹏<)

I think my lappy are just like me very stingy. He know that I went to see new lappy, so he angry and blue screen, like showing face color to me. (´・_・`)

Next day morning, I told my brother that my lappy shown blue screen, seem like GG already. Then he ask me let him check 1st.
Diagnostic Report : everything aright, no problem on your laptop. Only have some dust inside, need to clean up.

What the hack ?! o_O
But I was thinking If no problem then will be great. Can save money. But currently I'm still using my phone to draft the post, cause lappy haven't done surgery yet, I think once it over heat it shown blue screen.

But i like MacBook Air very muchiesss.
Wish Santa present this to me as 2014 Christmas Gift.

Good Night

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