My very 1st CPUV from Nuffnang - Zurich Insurance

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last week, when i log in my Nuffnang's account. I found this shown on my earning tab.

I'm wondering what to do with it. Tried to google it, but still cannot find the answer. End up, i submit a ticket to Nuffnang Helpdesk. They have replied as below:-

*** Quote ***
As for the CPUV (Cost Per Unique View) campaigns, you will have to blog about the campaigns that are assigned to you and advertisers choose which blogs they want to advertise based on several factors such as the demographics of your blog readers and the desirability of ad units. These ads pay according to the unique impressions the advertiser purchase from your blog, which are the readers that will be able to see the ad. It doesn't require any of your users to click on it in order for you to get paid. As advertisers always have a target audience for their campaigns, they will choose blogs with suitable blog readers as their target audience. Should your blog readers fall into that category, rest assured that you're very likely to be picked by them. Thank you and have a nice day! :)
*** Unquote ***

1st i would like to say THANK YOU to Nuffnang giving me my very 1st CPUV.
And also THANK YOU to Zurich have notice my blog. 

Everyone know a hero. Zurich are inviting you to nominate  everyday people who inspired you to be better. Tell Zurich why they are your hero now, to win a special prize on this Deepavali. what are you wait for ? Click here to nominate. T&C applied.

Zurich Insurance Malaysia, One of the world's leading insurance groups to operate on a truly global basis. It's a part of the Zurich Group, a leading global insurer with a presence in over 170 countries and more than 140 years of experience. The Group currently has about 60,000 dedicated employees worldwide. In Malaysia, our strength is reflected in our network of 39 branches, 1,000+ employees, 4,500+ Life agents and 3,000+ General Insurance agents.

To help customers understand and protect customer from risk.

Want to know more about them ? 
Visit to their website : Zurich Insurance Malaysia or FB : Zurich Insurance Malaysia

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