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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Italiannies, common Italian restaurant in KL Town. I guess most of you guys will know this restaurant. I'm not going to introduce more. 

Last Thursday, my colleague treat me for lunch as my birthday celebration, so they ask me to pick anything i want to eat. So I pick those restaurant that we usually won't visit during lunch time and must have lunch set promotion, Cause I will feel bad if need my colleague pay much on the bills.

So only Tony Romas and Italiannies are fulfill above two conditions. Last year I have choose western, so this year go Italian. Before I make decision, I checked again on their website, they do have lunch promotion.

Story began here... 

When we reached the restaurant, the waitress lead us to our seat. After we sat down.

Me : Do you have lunch menu?

Lady A : sorry we do not have lunch menu. Lunch promotion only have Prawn & Romano Crusted Chicken Linguine Set, MYR27.90++, come with a soup of the day or salad.

Me : What?! But I checked on your company website, the lunch promotion are with plenty of choice, can you hold for a second?

But Lady A didn't hold for a second, she just walk away like that and her face look like telling me who's care?

Continue with a guy served us the bread with Olive Oil & Vinegar.

Lady A just pissed me off. I told my colleague why not we change place? But my colleagues said don't want lah, since we have sat down, don't so embarrassed.

Alright, i told myself that chill.. Yuki. Check the website again and show to that bitch.

Deng Deng Deng.. I found it.. Link click here

Then we call the waitress again. Lady B walked over to us.

Me : Your company website are shown lunch promotion are available, how can you said that there is only one type of pasta are having promotion ? And that only promo set selling price doesn't tally with website as well.

Lady B : so sorry, we do have this lunch promotion previous, but no more lunch promotion. This is the only one lunch promo.

Me : Then why your company website still showing this promo, and it link on "what's new" page, and it doesn't mention which branches have or don't have. So common understanding are all branches right? You can check on you laptop, I didn't lied.

Lady B just took my phone and check on the screen I show her. Then she borrow my phone to show her manager.
After 5 mins she came back, but still telling me the same thing. Previously they do have, now no more, then continue taking our orders.

I just told her that I felt been cheated and I'm not happy at all. Cause i can't felt their sincere apologize.
My comment are their service really need to be improve. And management should take note on this. It's is not standard at all, even worse than Oldtown White Coffee.

Our Order List
1 x Classic Pizza
1 x Regular Mushroom Soup

Their Menu wrote Rich and Creamy Soup with button mushroom. But it doesn't taste creamy, but WILD. Served with Parsley and chewy button Mushroom. MYR17.90++

Thin crust pizza, it's abit crispy but crusty. Seasoning are good, taste just like the name Classic Pizza, on top with Rocket Herbs, Italian Chicken Sausage, Mushroom, Capsicum, Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese with an alfredo base. MYR36.90++

Italiannies The Gardens
Lot F-214, 1st Floor, The Gardens
Tel : 03-2283 3675
Operation Hours : 10:00AM - 10:00PM
Monday - Sunday
Service : 
Revisit : Yes, but not this branch.
* Pork Free

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