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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I'm really existed when i saw this blog post from Nuffnang Malaysia. I text Zerm immediately that i want to participate on this contest. But writing are my weakness (Yuki Low, who asked you didn't working hard during school time) /╯﹏╰\
But i will try my best to archive what i want badly.

Back to the topic. Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) hosting this contest and Nuffnang Malaysia giving chances to all nuffnangers to win this all-expenses paid trip to Macau.

Sometime when i watch Travel TV show or HK Drama/Movie, I felt Macau are full of Historical. The scene always attract me badly, like calling me to study this place, look into their culture. Thus Macau are in my Travel Wish List.

The very 1st attraction are FOOD. I can't live without food. Macau must have Food List in my mind are....

1. Pork Chop Bun, A freshly fried Pork Chop fill into the bun, and its outer are crispy and inner are very soft bun. (Swallowing)

* Photo are took from Macau Government Tourist Office

2. Ginger Milk Curd. In Cantonese call 姜汁撞奶. If I translate it to english will become Ginger Juice bump Milk. Hahahaha XD. 
It look like pudding, my imagination are it must be taste like silky smooth and melt in your mouth. I'm not sure cause i never taste that's why I want to join this contest and win this free trip to Macau.

* Photo are took from Wikipedia

3. Portuguese Egg Tarts, This are quite common snack in Malaysia too. But I'm not sure it's similar like what we have here, so I want to taste it and get a comparison.

* Photo are took from Macau Government Tourist Office

Attraction Number 2. Ta Ta~~ 
Ruins of St. Paul's. Everyone know it, cause you can always see it from HK Drama/Movie. 
When I was 12 years old, i watched this TVB Drama 十月初五的月光》. TVB did took scene from Ruins of St. Paul's. This is how i fall in love with this building. 

* Photo are took from Macau Government Tourist Office

The 3rd attraction are Macau International Fireworks Display Contest. 
This festival held yearly. Start from mid of Sept until 1st of Oct. 
I felt Firework are romantic, especially if you watch it with your love one.

* Photo are took from Macau Government Tourist Office

Actually there are plenty of attraction that really attract me, like the fancy hotel, Casino, Entertainment Show, Greyhound Racing and etc. It's a very interesting place. I believe I can take alot nice photoshoot during visit to Macau and share the experience that i have with my friends and family.

Again thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia and Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) giving me this opportunity to take participate on this contest. \ (•◡•) /

Wish me Luck ≧◠ᴥ◠≦

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