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Friday, October 17, 2014

After my birthday celebration with Zerm at Black Market. Next day afternoon we continue with 2nd round celebration at Coffee Amo. It’s exsited in my Food Hunt List about 1 month+.

Coffee Amo located at Petaling Street. I know most of the people heard Petaling Street will say:

  1. Huh?! It’s very hard to find a parking.
  2. Huh?! It’s so far.
  3. Huh?! It’s traffic jam area.

LoLz, I got the same reply. Actually we have to collect BSN Putrajaya Night Run’s race kit on that day as well, and the collection venue are just near by this cafe. So I managed to complete 1 Food Hunt.

Coffee Amo, they didn’t have a huge sign box or banner in front their shop. What they have are this. Cheng Cheng Cheng~

From roadside you definitely cannot see it. It actually attached with Petaling Street Art House
We parked our car near by Petaling Street’s wet market, and continue with walk and search it. while i walking, i felt like i’m tourist.
* The parking cost about MYR5. (〒︿〒)

Walking like a tourist.
When i step into this cafe, i felt it’s very cozy. The atmosphere will make you felt relax and comfortable.
All the patrons are quietly reading or studying. Some of them are chit-chatting but they’re with low volume. (*˘︶˘*)

The antique staircase
The entrance
This seat is perfect for studying or blogging
Neat and Clean
Caffeiner, do you agree this ?

Place your order at counter. Your order will be serve later on.
Simple Menu place at the counter,  food  pastries variety are not much, just the simple sandwich, cake or pie. I checked with the staff, they said their cake and pastries are homemade one.
Something Special
Beverage Menu
Pastries Menu

Our Order List
1 x Mushroom Chicken Pie
1 x Black Pepper Sandwich
1 x Hot Cappuccino
2 x Ocean 11 (Signature Coffee for 3D Coffee Art)

Mushroom Chicken Pie. Creamy chicken with mushroom wrapped with buttery & milky pie skin. The favor are just nice.

Black Pepper Sandwich, Zerm said it taste Ok. And he cannot finish it. The size look like Subway 6' sandwich, maybe because oat bread?

Ocean 11 actually is Caramel Latte. I felt It’s taste better than Starbucks. (Sorry Starbucks, i have to tell the truth )
Why do i say so? Cause I don’t like sweet stuff. Especially coffee, i will feel like want vomit if the coffee too sweet. This Ocean 11’s favor are just perfect. You won’t have that vomit feel after drink. And Starbucks' caramel latte are too sweet. ( ^ω^)

The barista carefully doing artwork

Aroma coffee with 3D Art, who can resist it? It's too cute! \(^o^)/

Is this doggie cute, isn't ?
2nd order. I requested them to make cat for me.
Because they make me a puppy of my 1st order, so I ordered another cup.
Is my birthday, I want some fancy stuff. (>‿◠)✌
Le Cappuccino
Sorry Doggie, I'm gonna keep you in my stomach. (─‿‿─)
Oppss... My naked face (◡‿◡✿)
He is dead. ╯.╰
My lovely cat (╥﹏╥)
* Technique to keep the coffee art at bottom of cup are you need to sip from their leg side. And every time sip back the same side, then you can keep them perfectly. 

Overall Comment : The price are reasonable. You get what you pay. The staff are friendly. Service are not bad. Readers can have a try on it. As i know they have opened branches at TTDI, for friend don't like KL can visit to TTDI.

1st Floor, 54, Jalan Sultan,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2857 2677
Operation Hours : 10:00AM - 09:00PM
Monday - Sunday

Service : ❤ ❤ ❤ ½
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : MYR51 (Tax Free)

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