Black Market @ St. Mary Place

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Black Market ? What?! Are they selling some illegal thing like bear’s paw? No no no, they are not. No worries.

Black Market are a restaurant. They have 3 branches in KL Town. Headquater is located at Jalan Kampung Pandan. The 2 branches are located at St Mary Place and Main Place Mall.
I went to St Mary Place branch during my Birthday Dinner with Zerm.

10 Days before my birthday. We was in car otw to somewhere, and I asked Zerm : Have you make reservation for my birthday dinner?
Zerm : Nope.
Me : What's yours planning? you going to take me to which restaurant?
Zerm : I have no plan yet.
Me : Alright. There is a restaurant I would like to give a try. It's name Black Market, they having promotion at Groupon. Can we proceed with this restaurant?
Zerm : Ok.

After heard above conversation, most of my friends are asking me : what?! It's your birthday, why buy groupon?
Alright, I was thinking you can celebrate your birthday by yearly. Why need to spend that much when you can save the money? I always be a smart consumer.

For reader want to try on it, the Groupon deal are still on going. Click here for more info about the deal. Purchase before the deal end.

Once we bought the voucher, we email to them to make a reservation. But unfortunately there are no reply from them. So we called them after 3 days after we email.
On the phone call, we asked them why nobody reply the email ? But the staff didn't answer my question. And his accent sound like foreigner. From that we knew that he will never bother on it. We just tell him the reservation date and time.
And then he continued asked and special request? We mentioned to him that is for birthday celebration.

Upon we arrived. There is nothing special on our table. But I didn't put much expectation on that as well.

The restaurant ain't full on that day. I like the atmosphere and the restaurant's design.
The see-thru concept kitchen

Our Order List
1 x Garlic Butter Scallop
1 x Truffle Mushroom Soup
1 x Grill Salmon with Mint Sauce
1 x Scallop Seafood Olio
1 x 'B'iramisu
1 x The Original Earl Grey Tea
1 x Orange Juice

Here the Menu.
Appetizer is served after 20mins from order time.

Freshly shell-less scallops cooked with Black Market style's of garlic and butter, served with toasts. It taste Garlicky with light buttery.

The truffle mushroom soup is not creamy type, but not too wild like Twenty.One.
It's my 1st time try on Truffle. I always heard it from MasterChef, It's a luxury ingredient. It tasted oldish and earthy, similar like mushroom, but Stronger than mushroom a little bit.

Pan grilled salmon fillet with homemade mint sauce. Zerm said the salmon are freshly, but taste ok only.

Freshly scallop, prawn, squid and spaghetti cooked with garlic and house specialty basis sauce. The title name Olio, but it doesn't taste Olio at all. You are like putting an ocean into your mouth.

Isn't very cute ? The bunny bearing a boozy Tiramisu.
‘B’iramisu, Black Market version of Tiramisu. It infused with coffee liqueur. On top with a layer of soft cream cheese, middle layer with sponge cake. You will taste abit bitter on middle of the cake.

Overall Comment : Yes, they serve quality food, especially on seafood. But they really have to improve their service level. Why do I said so ?
  1. they didn't reply customer’s email.
  2. they asked any special request for the reservation, but they didn't decorate anything.
  3. Sequence of dishes, I prefer they asked before they serve. Usually most fine dine restaurant will ask. They just continuous serve the dishes, my soup not finished yet but the main course are served. After i finished my main course, they took about 30 mins later to serve the dessert.
  4. I requested the waitress that to write on Happy Birthday beside the cake. But they didn’t write a single word on the cake.
For food hunt reason, i will revisit them. Hopefully my next visit they already improve their service level.

Clothes : Jinhayari @ Sunway Pyramid
Bag : Guess

No.1, Jalan Tengah,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2022 2060

Others branches, click here.

Operation Hours : 07:30AM - 11:00PM
Monday - Sunday
Service : ❤❤ ½
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : MYR171.68 (Included 10% Service Tax &  6% Gov. Tax)

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