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Friday, October 03, 2014

2 years ago, I spotted this interesting place and I told boyfie that I want give a try on it, but every time gathering or group dinner I forgot this place. Or when that moment I craving for Thai food, only have me and boyfie, two person only. We usually won't order dishes with white rice whenever only two of us, cause we can't finish all the dishes.

Finally, I have give a try to BBQ Thai recently. Couple weeks ago, my friends asked in whatapps group anyone want dinner. I have absent for few times gathering, so I'm on for this time. And 1st they plan to Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles, but in the end some are objection on it, so we changed plan to BBQ Thai. Right Place, Right Time with the Right Persons =)

Yippeeee ! Food Hunt List checked

We are late on that day, one of my friend reached earlier. When that time she reached, the restaurant are not that peak and quite alot empty tables.

Waiter : How many of you ?
Ms R : 5 pax
Waiter : Are them all here already ?
Ms R : No, they are OTW, can i get the table 1st ?
Waiter : You need to wait all of them here 1st.

So my friend, Ms R argued with them. Cause what she think was since your restaurant are not full house yet and the coming patrons ain’t much why can’t give the table 1st ? This is what i agreed as well. If you are in full house status, we definitely can understand the situation. In the end, they provided a table for my friend. She WON ! Roarrrr !

The Icon, don't know the location ? No worries.
Spot this iconic cube along OKR (towards puchong direction).

Let’s check out our order list.

Our Order List
1 x Pork Knuckle
1 x Tomyam Seafood Soup (Small)
1 x Fried Paku Pakis
1 x Claypot Prawn with Glass Vermicel
1 x Mango Stick Rice with Coconut Milk

The Menu
Pandan Water, cost you MYR0.80 per pax.

Deep fried Pork Knuckle, Crispy & Crunchy pork skin but the meat are moist, tender.
Tumbs up.

Freshly seafoods such as Sotong, Prawn & Fish boil with mushroom, tomotoes, onions, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, Chili Peppers and Lime Juice. The soup tasted Hot and Sour, seasoning pretty good. The best tom yam in KL town that i ever had.
Miss this very muchies, ***Swallowing***

Oppsss... I took this photo after the soup served.
Stir frying Paku Pakis with Garlic & Onion. The vege are silky smooth you can see it from the glossy surface and Wok Hei are good enough.

Stir frying Glass vermicel with freshly juicy prawn. It cooked with some herbs, but I'm not sure it's peppermint or basil and pretty much of pepper.

Peppery Glass Vermicel 
I didn't taste on mango stick rice. Cause I don't like fruits. (⊙_⊙)

I wish i can sit inside the aircond room.
Cause when we almost that time suddenly it began rain. The waiter not enough time to setup the umbrella.

The environment 

17, Lorong Jugra, Off Batu 3 1/2,
Jalan Klang Lama, KL.
Tel : 03-7981 9888
Operation Hours : 05.00PM - 01:00AM
Monday - Sunday
Service : ❤❤❤
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : MYR171.90 (10% Service Charge + 6% Gov Tax are included)

* Non Halal.
* Better do reservation if in bulk pax, especially dinner time.
* Parking provided.
* If rain may get wet.

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