Twenty.One Kitchen+Bar

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Is food log review time again, tried my best to write 2 log per week, but it's quite hard to do with it, especially when you do not have afflatus at all.

Checked back my photo album and start pick which restaurant to blog (I have stopped blogging about 2 years, so is alot food log can be written) And I've picked this Twenty.One Kitchen+Bar, visited on couple months ago.

I used to surf on Groupon and LivingSocial to look for good promotion. And found Twenty.One Kitchen+Bar are having offer on Groupon. I'm hesitating to buy it or not, I've very bad experiences with restaurant deal. Eg:- If they provide good service, the meal portion they served are very little. If the meal ain't small portion they provide suck service. Or they always told you fully booked.

So online did some research, seem like this restaurant have positive comments and awarded by TimeOutKL, So I give a try, if anything goes bad I just blog it out loud. ψ(`∇´)ψ

I booked it two week before to avoid fully booked excuse and ruin my date. I requested for decorations on the table since is anniversary, they did it for me although I'm using groupon voucher. (*^o^*) On the day, their staff called me on afternoon to confirm the dinner table (impressed, normally restaurant won't do this kind of confirmation, thumbs up).

The restaurant has nice and romance ambience. Due to they having promotion the restaurant was full house, so you can imagine there's quite noisy. They arranged a corner table for us, we can spot ours table from the entrance, cause it's full of rose petals.

The Kitchen
The Menu
They serve you a plate of bread cube with olive oil and herb crumb mixture while you're browsing the menu. I tasted a small bite with olive oil just normal taste.

Order List
1 x Wild Mushroom Soup
1 x Delicious Bowl of Sauteed Calms
1 x Terribly English Fish&Chips
1 x Crispy Salmon Skin
2 x Applelicious Martini
2 x Cocktail (I forgot the name)

While we waiting our food to be serve, Smirnoff Ice bumped in. Read more here..

Food porn time start now.

Wild Mushroom Soup
It's very wild and doesn't tasted creamy at all, for Le wild mushrooms lover you guys absolutely will like it.

Delicious Bowl of Sauteed Calms
It's not like orientally type steam/cook with liquor, ginger and garlic or herbs. It tasted fresh calms with abit creamy and strong lemongrass, nice flavor, I love it very muchiesss.

Terribly English Fish&Chips
Golden Deep fried Fish&Chips. The batter was pretty good, but some part are raw (those thick part, and can taste refrigerator smell, luckily i almost finish) Maybe cut it more will be better.

Crispy Salmon Skin
I didn't taste it, my man said it's pretty good.

Last the cocktail section, why 2 people ordered 4 cocktails ? Here the story, after we sat down, the waiter told us is happy hour, buy one get one free, but he didn't mention probably that free that one are same as pay that cup of drink. We thought free that one as long as same price or cheaper than the paid one are free, so we ordered 2 type of cocktails.But is ok for us, after the meal we just move to the bar enjoy the music and drinks. I have no comment on the cocktail cause i'm not alcoholic, for me you are just a normal cocktail.

The Bar

20-1, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Operation Hours : 12:00PM - 03:00AM
Monday - Sunday
Damaged Report : MYR 183.28
Revisit : Yes
Service : ❤❤❤❤
*Pork Free

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