Smirnoff Ice

Saturday, September 06, 2014

GAB has launched the world's No. 1 Ready-To-Drink Beverage - Smirnoff Ice. 

During our anniversary celebration at Twenty.One Kitchen+Bar, they have bumped into us. Upon we arrived, we have spotted their combi parked In front of The Rabbit Hole, we did walked over to find out what is happening and thought they having promotions for The Rabbit Hole only.
Hot chick of the day
*Photo borrow from Smirnoff FB.
Combi~ Combi~
make me think of Scooby-Doo

*Photo borrow from Smirnoff FB.
While we waiting our food to be served, a hot chick grab 2 bottles of Smirnoff and put on our table, we got stunned for awhile almost want tell the girl that we didn't ordered this. But before we say out, she told us this is free sampling. We was thinking oh ok.. thanks..
More awhile a photographer arrived, and the hot chick took some fun props and pass it to us, requesting us to take a photo. Alright, the paid for free drink.

We thought this the end, but it's not. After we finished our dinner, there's a lady holding some file and paper like doing survey. Then she walk over start talking to us, how was the dinner? Obviously she want confirm our dinner are finished. She started to ask questions and fill in the form.

After answered all the questions, she tell us more awhile my manager will come over and ask about the drink comment.
When the manager come over we told him that we not open yet cause we can't even finish our cocktails. But he still will persuade you to open, so my man opened it (we thought to bring home and enjoy on next day).

At 1st I thought it's a beer, but actually It's not. It's a refreshing and crisp bottled cocktail that packs a punch, it's very nice to drink, you won't feel queasiness to swallow it. You can drink it just like that or mix it into your cocktail, you may refer to their recipe menu.

Smirnoff Ice Malaysia are having road show everywhere nowadays, do check their FB and find out their road show event location.

Yeahhhhhh, next time when bar section I can order this for myself.

Find your nearest store here

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