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Monday, September 29, 2014

As you work place at Mid Valley, you always can see renovation, and then new faces borned.

KGB are new at mid valley, just opened few months ago. But usually I won't have western food or fast food as my weekdays lunch, cause most of my colleagues not prefer.
But I want tried it badly so I told my boyfie when he asked what to eat during our dinner time. ( ^ω^)

It's order at counter concept, fill a table 1st before you order.

The Menu
Order Counter

Our Order List
The Shack x 2 Set (1 Set top up with Portobello Mshrms, MYR4)
ala carte burger : MYR12.90
Top up for set    : MYR5.90

Burger must come with Fries and Coke. I think they are prefect match. Best Friend Forever !

Always my choice for burger meal
The Fries, simple, unadorned, crispy and inner are soft, it's skin on. come with the special sauce, taste abit spicy and abit sour just like mayo + chilies.

The burger served with Moist Chicken Breast, Freshly Lettuce, Juicy Tomatoes, Cheese & Mushrooms. The meat are tender, juicy and moist, impressed that they didn't overcooked. Cause if chicken breast overcooked it will become very dry and coarse.

Toast on KGB. It's charcoalicious.

Ta~ Tá~ For mushroom lovers, you must add on the mshrms.
4bucks are worthy.
Overall I'm satisfied with the food quality and their services.
As I know this is their 2nd outlet, 1st outlet are located at Bangsar, address and info click here. And they do serve Vege Burger, i'm gonna try it on next visit. Surppp.. Surppp...

KGB - Killer Gourmet Burgers
LG-232B&C, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens Mall
Operation Hours : 10:00AM - 10:00PM
Monday - Sunday
Damaged Report : MYR45.76 (included 10% service tax)
Service : ❤❤❤❤
Revisit : Yes
* Pork Free

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