A Food Trip to Ipoh

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ipoh, a place full of good food, most of the good food still operated by local people and not foreigner.
We are attending friend's convocation at UTar, Kampar. So at the same time, we make it as Food Trip, hunt for good food. We have 15 people for this trip, so the food itinerary I suggestted are most common famous food at Ipoh. Like u can always see it from FB what top ten must have food in Ipoh.
We depart at 06:00AM, reached Ipoh about 08:30AM. 1st stop are Ming Court Dim Sum. As I know local folks are prefer Ming Court, and traveller will choose Foh San. So most of my travel mate prefer Ming Court, so we have go in Ming Court.
We park our car at the alley, then a men walk to us, and want some token from us, we just paid it, to avoid car scratch. But in the end we still got "saman" from Bandaraya.

The Look
Step in to the restaurant. Is full of people, in mand arins call "Ren San Ren Hai", people mountain people sea. You have to find table by your own, no queuing, no numbering, no system at all. You must need to have a thick face and stand beside the table and stare to new comer told them, you are waiting this table long time ago.
Finally we got table, but somebody try to take it from us, then one of our gang just told them we have been waiting so long, and then they gone. We wait for quite some time for clean up our mess table. 

The mess.
FOC Tissue somemore.
Alright now the table cleaned, we non stop ordering the Dim Sum. Sorry the food porn are not that much, cause I just keep on eating and forgot to take photo. Which Dim Sum are my famous ? Is fish ball. Until now I'm still missing their fish ball very muchiesss.

Plenty of Dim Sum.
Yu Mai aka Steam Fish Ball are MUST HAVE !

Char Siew Pau. I usually don't order this cause after ate this will feel full.
But must try since travel far from KL.
They put sesame in the Char Siew Pau, and it's very juice and no fat meat inside.
(Maybe i'm lucky)
Continue next stop are Nan Xiang White Coffee, cause we still waiting another gang to finish their Dim Sum, and we can't continue sitting there.
Sorry again, I forgot to take White Coffee photo. After coffee time we heading to Funny Mountain Soya Bean. We drive thru for this. I knew it fom my colleague, they teach me this. 

This call Bak Bak. Soya Milk + Tau Fu Fah. My colleague teach me to order this. I fall in love after 1st tried. Silky smooth hot Tau Fu Fah with cold soya milk melt in your mouth. It was prefect match. Here are the morning section end.

After checked in, have some rest then we continue food treasure hunt. Next stop, Big Tree Foot. Direct translation from Cantonese "Dai Shu Kuei".

Most of the people know what famous here. Deng Deng Deng Deng.. they called it "Liew Fun", Yong Tau Fu and noodles.

We arrived there about 4PM+, that was not crowded, so still managed to get a big table for us. But after we found a table, no one help us to clean up the table. Non of the workers want to do that. We asked the Noodles stall staff to clean up since we have ordered their food. But they push to beverage stall, said beverage stall staff will clean later. The beverage stall staff more terrible, we walk over to their stall tell them that we want order beverage and please help to clean the table, but they are zero fuck given. And their face are telling Who's care ?
So in the end was the chicken rice stall uncle help up. Not to say help up, he call someone from noodles stall staff to clean up, and that uncle didn't mean to clean up, keep on cleaning and keep on scolding. Then continue the chicken rice uncle asked do u all want to try chicken ? Is very nice.
We was thinking can we don't want order ? If we didn't ordered your chicken rice, what will happen next ?
Pay 30bucks to avoid this kind of issue. Luckily that chicken are not bad, but this kind of business techniques are too sucks.

If you feel the noodles look like edited, then you are correct. It is. =)
Big Tree Foot, your food are nice, but your service are suck. We are consumers, we do not deserve this kind of service, we pay what we eat. We ain't begging you for food.
So my comment are if you don't want to see people face color, please do take away.

Dinner Time. Where should we have our dinner during this ipoh trip? I have thinking this question for awhile. Cause my friend parents joining us, I didn't purpose any meal in restaurant, cause want to avoid their parent pay for the bills. Because we are attending his son convocation. But it's not good for them to pay for us, since we all are working adult.
So 1st choice are hawker center. So I picked Dong Gu Ting at Ipoh Garden. Tong Shui Gai have less choice of main course.
Just like normal hawker center in KL, one row of food stall, in front the food stall have alot of tables. The only different are at here you would like to order all food from the stall. Every stall look like selling amazing food. Maybe cooked by local uncle/aunty?  

The famous one - Popiah. The popiah skin Thin soft paper like crepe made from wheat flour, filling with fried Jicama, carrots, white taufu, the special sauce and some crispy fried batter.

Juicy and Tender BBQ Chicken Wing. I love BBQ Chicken Wing, but always can't found a nice one at KL. This just healed my crave of BBQ Chicken Wing. The meat are juicy and tender, and it's charcoalicious. Thumbs up !
Bear in mind : this dish need sometime to deliver to your table. We wait about 1hours.
MYR 2.50 per pair.

Guess what is this? If my friend don't tell me I won't know it's Lam Mee. What a special one. But I didn't taste on it, not sure nice anot.

The last one, Hor Hee. Famous, iconic Ipoh food, it's MUST HAVE food in Ipoh. But my Hor Hee are abit special, I'm asked the aunty use Lai Fun aka Asam Laksa Noodles. But aunty cheated me, she put in Lou Shu Fun. And it's not nice, oldtown are better than this.

Oh ya, the Char Kuey Teow are Damn nice. But I forgot to take photo. ⊙﹏⊙
And we also planned to order crabby, but it's expensive than KL. Small size crabby, 1KG selling MYR65.

Alright that's all food I have at Ipoh, hope you guys enjoy this, Good Night.

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