Where is your humanity ?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Recently I read a news, it happened at Hong Kong. Is about a stray dog accidentally wandered onto the MTR tracks.
The sad news was they used 6 mins try to rescue the dog, they tried to lowering a chair to the tracks, perhaps in the hope that the dog would sit on it steadily enough so staff could raise it to the passenger platform. (Mind fuck )
Look at the stupid officer. I wonder what make he think of a dog will climb on the chair and sit steadily.
But end up. they chose to keep the trains running rather than cause a delay that would have provided enough time for rescuers to get the dog to safety.

If is a child wander onto the track, the story definitely will be different. It is unfair. Dog are a life, they deserve for live. They have the right to live at this world.

My drawing skill are suck, so i used this way to present.
Will it be different story if a little child stand on the track ?

The other view. Animal deserve a better life.

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