Jamaica Blue Fine Coffee Mid Valley

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a lazy Sunday... I'm sitting in  Tipsy having my coffee and thinking how to start this log.

One month ago, I spotted this Jamaica Blue Fine Coffee are doing renovation, I'm quite excited cause Mid Valley will have one more coffee shop. (I'm addicted to coffee, the feeling was like Hoorayyyy there is a new  drug  coffee shop opening soon)
Patiently waiting, it finally opened. (Actually their renovation progress consider fast, about one month only). Last Friday, I told my boyfie there is a new  drug  Coffee shop open, provide all the breakfast service, we try this before our movie ok ? He said OK. (Yeah, got free meal, after try can update my food log)

Alright, here are the thing you need to take note, 1st make sure you found a table then only proceed to order, because they have limited table, is not suitable for long sitting, unless you have a "thick face skin" or that moment are empty.
We ordered before found a table, it was full house. Luckily their services are good enough, otherwise I will request for refund because before I place my order I have asked them are the table available, they checked and said Yes. We wait for ten minutes, but still do not have table for us, then one of the staff go to the last table, then that 3 ppls let out the table, actually that table was occupied by their management staff.
After ordered, they will give you a number stand. Then you just need to sit down and wait for your food and drink. Check their menu here.

We order 2 set of Big Breakfast, it's included drink. One set with scramble egg, another one set poached egg. And drink we choice Caffe Latte and Cappuccino. Satisfied with the coffee. But Abit disappointed with the poached egg, cause it was overcooked (look so different with Eat Drink KL one ) . And the portion not standard. I got 2 slice of Turkey Ham and Boyfie only got 1 slice Turkey Ham. (This have to be improved)
Food Taste so so only, just a normal breakfast (maybe you able to cook at home too)

Jamaica Blue Fine Coffee Mid Valley
FK-05, 1st Floor, Mid Valley City.
Tel : 03-2938-3333
Operations Hours : 0930 - 2200 hrs
Damage Report : MYR 43.80 (Included 10% Service Tax)
Service : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Revisit : Yes
* Halal
* Cash Only

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