Hock Kee Ulu Yam Loh Mee 福記烏魯音鹵面

Friday, August 22, 2014

Before intro this Ulu Yam Loh Mee, I would like tell a little bit info about myself. My hometown are at Ulu Yam, and I guess because of this I love Loh Nee very muchiesss . For friends who know me are knew about this.

Once upon a time, I went to a hawker stall. There is a "Xiu Chao" (小炒) stall, I found Loh Mee on their's menu. I was excited and happily ordered the Loh Mee. After wait for 15 mins, my Loh Nee are served. But at the same time I was stunned. Why it's white color, this is not Loh Mee.Then I look at my parent, they just told me this is KL style Loh Mee. I got no choice so just finished that bowl of Loh Mee.

The difference between Ulu Yam Loh Mee and KL Loh Nee are the color and the texture of the mee. KL style Loh Mee are cook without dark soy sauce and always use thick yellow mee and you still able to taste the "gan shui" 鹼水. Ulu Yam Loh Mee are cook with dark soy sauce and Handmade Mee.

I prefer handmade mee cause I Dont like gan shui taste at all. But It's very hard to find a nice Ulu Yam Loh Nee at KL. Alot of hawker stall or shop they will say that they're Ulu Yam Loh Mee, but actually they're not.

Recently I found a place to eat Ulu Yam Loh Mee without driving 45 mins. It's at Bandar Puchong Jaya. Thanks God. 

It's called Hock Kee, located at Bandar Puchong Jaya. They using handmade noodles, the texture just taste alike and it's cook with dark soy sauce. Secondly they selling with reasonable price.

Let's check out the photo.

The Menu
Yum Yum Yum...

Hock Lee Ulu Yam Loh Nee 福記烏魯音鹵面
No.27, Jalan Kenari 22,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Damaged Report : MYR 8.50 (1 Loh Mee + 1 herbal Tea)
Service : Normal with foreign workers 
Revisit : Definitely Yes
* Non Halal
* Cash only
* closed about 9.30PM

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