Grab your free MAGNUM @ The Garden !!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last friday, while i having lunch with my colleague at Ko Hyang @ The Garden, we notice that inform of Justlife have a small magnum counter. At 1st we though just promotion selling ice cream.
After 15 mins, a long Q inform the counter. Since my food not serve yet, i walk to find out what was happening.
Wow.. Is free ice cream.. i told my colleague about it.
So we decided to grab it, since is Flyday.

How to grab it ?

Easy & Simple
1. Like their Facebook page click here
2. Snap a picture (i have to add some remark here) At 1st, we though just snap a pic of the counter. Actually not, you have to snap their event booth at The Garden, Ground Floor. Just in front of DKNY. Snap anything from the booth.
3. Upload it with check in on Facebook.
4. Q up and choose your ice cream (Pick from Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry or Magnum Chocolate Brownie)

Enjoy !!

Event until 31st Mar. Free 500 ice cream per day. Fast...


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