Mochi Sweet

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After ate Shogun, we went to Pavilion.
This is my 1st time went to Tokyo Street. XD
Then friend recommend this Mochi Sweet.
OMG~ It really nice. How much for this mochi ? I don't know. Cause not pay by me. XD

The nice boxes.

They will write the fav on a pcs of paper. (Nice hand writing. 100% Handwriting)

Mochi Instruction.
The Mochi is frosted. You need wait it defrost only can eat.
So we just be patient wait it defrost @ Starbuck.

Almost can eat~ Yeppppiiiiii~ XD

My Green Tea Mochi~
Until now i still cant forget yummy taste.
This is the best mochi i ate before.


Lot P6.15.00, 6th Floor, Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL.

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